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Deep Tissue Massage in Box Hill


Please contact the shop number when you booking

Bayside SC Shop 196                           9769 6666

Bayside SC Shop F14Q                         8752 2276

Box Hill Central South Shop 002           9899 8858

Box Hill Central  North Shop 010          9899 4538

Brimbank SC Shop T32                         9363 4488

Broadmeadows SC Shop G097             9309 1288

Caroline Spring Square L01 017            8358 5688   

Craigieburn Central SC COO-25A          9333 7188

Cranbourne Park SC Shop 116              9598 8880

Eastland SC Shop 2060A                       9870 6088

Forest Hill Chase T166                           8821 5198

Highpoint SC Shop 2087                        9317 0588


Mornington SC Shop 011                        5975 9768

Rosebud Plaza R066                              5982 2018

Pacific Epping Shop 10A                        8401  5618

Pacific Epping Shop 245B                      0467010559

Pacific Epping Shop 213                         9408 8898

Parkmore Shopping Centre                    9798 1078

The Glen SC Shop L023                        9803 2598

Waverley Gardens SC Shop 136            9540 8108

Watergardens Town C Shop 123            8390 7218

Westfield Doncaster SC Shop G050       9848 6008

Westfield Doncaster SC Shop 1031        9193 3618

Karingal Hub SC Shop S058                    9789 0838

Westfield Doncaster SC Shop G209         9848 8458

Westfield Knox SC Shop 1043A                9837 5888

Westfield Knox SC Shop 1053                  9887 0688

Westfield Knox SC Shop 3116                   9801 9828

Westfield Plenty Valley SC Shop 19A        9436 9528

Westfield Plenty Valley SC Shop 83           9436 6699

Westfield Plenty Valley SC Shop 112         9404 2288

Westfield Southland SC Shop 3004           9583 9288

Westfield Southland SC Shop 3039           9584 9918

Westfield Geelong SC Shop 1182              5229 0878

Westfield Geelong SC Shop 2259              5223 2188

About Us

Over the years, Body & Balance has continually developed and practice the way of massage suited for Australians, which not only can achieve the effect of traditional Chinese massage but also giving a very relaxing feel to our customers.

Our branches have been expanding to more shopping centres in Victoria and we’re proud to have a wider reach and recognition for our high-quality soothing massage services.

High-quality massages suited for the Aussies

Deep Tissue Massage, Box Hill

Our Massages

Body & Balance provides massages that have been specifically designed to help healing and soothe the body, mind and spirit. Our massages include:

Our experienced masseurs promote the flow of blood and lymph fluids throughout your system, relieving tension, stimulating your nerves, stretching and loosening your muscles and connective tissues to keep them elastic.

Relieving stress and promoting blood flow throughout your system

Deep Tissue Massage, Geelong

Why Choose Us?


We provide high-quality massage services that help relieve and soothe your body.


We boast years of experience in providing the best massage services around Melbourne.


We guarantee relaxing and healing massages at affordable prices at all times.

Contact us to learn more about our massages!

Ask us how we can help you find a more relaxing path to greater well-being today!